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Blessed Ankles

Welcome to the Blessed Ankles...

This is a special group of men and women who have received total ankle replacements (TAR) in ankle joints that were severely crippled by injury, arthritis, or disease. This group also includes people who believe they need this corrective procedure in the future.

Because of privacy issues in the United States, the HIPAA rules prohibit physicians from introducing their patients. However, with an orthopaedic procedure like total ankle replacement, a support group is largely beneficial. It is comforting to communicate with someone who has already had the procedure if you are trying to decide if this surgery is right for you. It is comforting to communicate with people who have had the surgery as you get ready for your procedure and afterward as you go through recovery and become mobile once more.

The original members of the Blessed Ankles all took a leap of faith with this surgery as no one who had had it was available to tell them what it was really like and what to expect! It was serendipity that they found each other on the Internet early in their recoveries. They formed the "Blessed Ankles" early in 2008 and soon others added themselves to the group. The Blessed Ankles now live all over the country, from coast to coast.

We encourage you to read our stories and to contact us through this portal Web site. Let us know your story and your location. There may be a Blessed Ankle nearby to you.


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